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Team - New Jersey Division




Taz is an experienced photographer and videographer who started investigations for paranormal experiences in late 2014, and had since started her UnScene webseries showcasing her adventures along with the serious research of other members in the field.
Taz leans towards the skeptical side, but enjoys the escaping the mundane and divulges into world of the fantastic and supernatural.


Investigator / Case Manager/ Researcher/ Evidence Analyst

Cassondra is a full-time wife and mother and works as a paraprofessional with preschool special needs children. Since having several paranormal experiences from childhood, she has always wanted to join in on investigations to find proof. Cassondra saw positions open to investigate The Hinsdale house with UnScene paranormal investigations and she jumped at the chance and has been going on investigations ever since.


Investigator /  Evidence Analyst

Patrick developed his interest in the unknown at a young age and having encounters as an adult made an interest in paranormal investigating a passion. 
He obtained his EMT certification at 18. As a first responder, he has been faced with many situations, even the first few moments of the end of a life. Combining state-of-the-art technology with his background in EMS he hopes to help those plagued with hauntings in their homes.

Team - New Jersey: Team

GONYAC Paranormal


GONYAC Paranormal is part of UnScene Paranormal Partnerships. They are important members of the team who have been with us for several years and have become family. They also have their own individual groups and journeys we fully support and are so proud of!
We've blended together to create Unity in the Field.



Lead Investigator, ITC Specialist, Lecturer, Social Media Strategist, Evidence Analyst, Co-host of Entity Voices Paranormal Evidence Podcast (UN-X Network)

Lourdes, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and now residing in New Jersey has always been fascinated with the paranormal. Now, as a paranormal investigator, Lourdes loves to collaborate with several different paranormal teams. She strongly believes in para-unity and says learning from others and sharing what she has learned is a key factor in the search for answers into the unknown. 
As an investigator, Lourdes loves exploring and experimenting using a range of equipment but her most favorite equipment is a simple digital recorder. Lourdes feels it’s important to be open to the fact of using different types of equipment and learning new methods. 
Lourdes’ newest endeavor with her partner Ron Yacovetti is ITC: Instrumental Transcommunication using a method known as DRV: Direct Radio Voice, a method she finds fascinating. 
Lourdes says she still gets blown away by Class A EVP vocals captured by using a good old-fashioned recorder. But the new endeavor of Direct Radio Voice Method has left her speechless as it is in her opinion the purest form of communication that comes closest to capturing a voice on a recorder out of thin air.

Ron Yacovetti

Lead Investigator, Lecturer, ITC Specialist, Co-host of Entity Voices Paranormal Evidence Podcast (UN-X Network), Author of “Paranormally Speaking: Knowingly Talking to the Unknown” and “ITC Technomancy: The Magical World of Electronic Spirit Communication”  Member of the SPR: Society of Psychical Research, Cambridge, UK 2022 Member of

Two time author, Ron Yacovetti, is living in his home state of New Jersey. However, he began investigating the paranormal during his 14 years as a resident of Los Angeles, California. This geographic diversity gave him the opportunity to investigate some of the most notable haunts on both coasts.
While Ron enjoys all aspects of investigating, his affinity and area of specificity in the afterlife research was almost instantly discovered in the area known as ITC: Instrumental Trans-Communication and he has spent nearly four years doing innovative afterlife research and experimentation rooted in the European methodology of ITC known as DRV: DIRECT RADIO VOICE. 
So, under the banner of GonYac Paranormal with his girlfriend Lourdes Gonzalez, Ron forges ahead as a leader and liaison of this era in DRV, recording very impressive results.
Ron possesses skepticism and an open mind, both necessary tools he feels, as well as the idea that you should pursue results for any theory you may have. Period! He feels that the field growing in acceptance is a paradigm shift which starts and lasts ONLY with taking a scientific and metaphysical approach as the field drudges forward against Scientism and unbridled bias masquerading as science.

Instrumental TransCommunication

ITC Instrumental Trans-Communication: The area of study is most known in the the United States for a variety of devices seen on TV such as the Ovilus, Spirit Box, or Ghost Boxes. 

European methodologies of ITC known as DRV: DIRECT RADIO VOICES predate any sweeping radio or app of the modern ghost hunting movement.

Team - New Jersey: Team
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