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UnScene Paranormal Network is an experienced group of individuals based in Northern New Jersey who are committed to the investigation, study, and research of paranormal phenomena. 

UnScene serve those in need throughout New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode Island, and beyond if the need arises.

The primary goal of UnScene Network is to work with, follow and film other teams and individuals in order to share knowledge and information comprised of the paranormal and metaphysical field, through video documentation onto a Webseries for all to view.

UnScene Network currently runs several different Webseries based on: equipment knowledge, investigations, and biographies of those in the field. 

If you have an idea for a Webseries we are more than happy to work with you!

UnScene runs a team that incorporates a blend between the scientific and metaphysical approach to all investigations to help determine the cause of an event, whether paranormal, logical or natural.

We conduct all investigations in a professional and courteous manner.  

It is our belief that skepticism is healthy and that all reasonable explanations should be ruled out prior to declaring an experience to be paranormal.

We are a Network of individuals that are dedicated to seeking answers and sharing our knowledge to others, as well as, networking with those in our field. 

UnScene Paranormal Network investigates locations and films teams/individuals for the webseries at NO CHARGE .

However, donations to offset the running of the network and other associated costs are accepted.


Meet the Team

UnScene Paranormal Network is made up of individuals who are highly interested and educated in the field of the paranormal.  We all work normal professions and volunteer in our spare time. We conduct investigations mainly on weekends, unless an emergency visit needs to be made. 

UnScene Members are also extremely creative and have a line of Ghoulish Crafts such as: Custom Made Ouija Boards, Handmade Coffin Soaps, Resin Geodes, etc. 



Founder of Unscene Paranormal
Media Specialist/ Investigator

Taz is an experienced photographer and videographer who started investigations for paranormal experiences in late 2014, and had since started her UnScene webseries showcasing her adventures along with the serious research of other members in the field.

Taz leans towards the skeptical side, but enjoys the escaping the mundane and divulges into world of the fantastic and supernatural.

In Addition, Taz is an amazing crafter and her items can be found on her website:


Lead Investigator / Case Manager/ Researcher/ Evidence Analyst/ Web Designer/ Media Specialist

Heidy has experienced Paranormal Phenomena since she was a little girl, and grew up knowing she always wanted to be a paranormal investigator. 
Since the paranormal is a growing and developing field, she believes continued education is key. She continues her own education through classes, workshops, attending lectures, working with other teams and running tests on equipment. 
Together with Taz, they showcase a webseries where they test different equipment and apps used in investigations to ensure the devices are used properly and find any issues, in addition to, thoroughly understanding how they work.


Paranormal Investigator/ Evidence Analyst

Cassondra is a full-time wife and mother and works as a paraprofessional with preschool special
needs children. She is new to investigating but has always had an interest in the paranormal.
Since having several paranormal experiences from childhood, she has always wanted to join in
on investigations to find proof. Cassondra saw positions open to investigate The Hinsdale house
with UnScene paranormal investigations and she jumped at the chance. She has been going on
investigations ever since.


Investigator / Medic

Patrick developed his interest in the unknown at a young age after his family's interests and experiences in the paranormal piqued his own.
He grew older and having encounters as an adult made an interest in paranormal investigating a passion. 
He obtained his Emergency Medical Technician certification at 18. As a first responder, he has been faced with many terrible situations even, the first few moments of the end of a life. 
Determined to interweave his love of helping people and his obsession with the paranormal, he searched for investigations and for a team of paranormal investigators to join. Combining state-of-the-art technology with his background in EMS he hopes to help those plagued with hauntings in their homes. Since joining the Unscene Paranormal team he has had an abundance of experiences and looks forward to more.


UnScene Collaborators are people or groups who regularly work with the UnScene Team, however, they are individuals in the paranormal field that may belong to other associations. 
We believe in PARA Unity!


Ron 'The Yacman' Yacovetti

Ron is an investigator for Island Paranormal Society, a reporter for Paranormal 13 News, in addition to being the Host of UnScene Networks webseries Paranormality!

Lourdes Gonzalez

Lourdes is an Investigator and part of the tech crew for Island Paranormal Society. She is a Voice Recorder/ EVP guru with sharp hearing!


NTParanormal Investigations

NTParanormal Investigations is a group of paranormal researchers based out of Fort Worth, Texas. It is thier goal to study unexplained activity using the scientific method, experiments, and documentation, in an attempt, to prove or disprove the existence of currently unexplained phenomenon in the locations they investigate. NTPI was started in 2013 by Ashton Rogers, Allie Bolton, and Sara Hatfield. Since then, they have participated in over a hundred investigations, case studies, appeared as speakers for many live events, and have published a book about their theories and fieldwork. NTParanormal investigates both residential and public locations on a regular basis, participates in larger studies and field research when available.

The Adventures of Gary and Chris

Watch us embark on our journey to explore folklore and paranormal locations throughout the tri-state area
We will be exploring everything from the paranormal to the entertaining to the rather odd. We're going to interesting places, talking to interesting folks, and doing interesting things. At the very least it will be interesting. So come along with us, it WILL be fun.


Anthony Simonelli

Anthony is  the Founder and Lead Investigator, Researcher, and Advisor of Seekers Club of the Paranormal and the Production coordinator at Splitfoot Productions

Ocean State Paranormal

They are a team based in Rhode Island and founded in 2012 by Buddy Thayer and Jarrid Chrissos. OSP is non-profit organization with investigators that are uniquely trained and highly dedicated. They determine what the issues are, and then make every effort to resolve them. 
They are very involved in the community and work with historical sites by conducting public and private investigations to assist in raising money, where all proceeds go into upkeep of each historical location. They are currently helping the Old Kent County Jail, and if you'd like to go on an investigation there make sure to contact them.

Abduction Wine

AlienRobb Jacobs has created AbductionWine which takes Inter-Stellar pride in nurturing each Galactic Grape into SuperNova, & being Equal Opportunity Purveyors of fine, fermented fruits conceived to please the palate, beguile the mind & tantalize the body.
In addition, to this unique and delicious wine, he has also created ParanormAle and Abduction Energy Shots, which can help any investigator stay up for there investigations! Make sure to check out the website to find where you can get these products!

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