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Team - New Jersey Division




Taz is an experienced photographer and videographer who started investigations for paranormal experiences in late 2014, and had since started her UnScene webseries showcasing her adventures along with the serious research of other members in the field.
Taz leans towards the skeptical side, but enjoys the escaping the mundane and divulges into world of the fantastic and supernatural.


Investigator / Case Manager/ Researcher/ Evidence Analyst

Cassondra is a full-time wife and mother and works as a paraprofessional with preschool special needs children. Since having several paranormal experiences from childhood, she has always wanted to join in on investigations to find proof. Cassondra saw positions open to investigate The Hinsdale house with UnScene paranormal investigations and she jumped at the chance and has been going on investigations ever since.


Investigator /  Evidence Analyst

Patrick developed his interest in the unknown at a young age and having encounters as an adult made an interest in paranormal investigating a passion. 
He obtained his EMT certification at 18. As a first responder, he has been faced with many situations, even the first few moments of the end of a life. Combining state-of-the-art technology with his background in EMS he hopes to help those plagued with hauntings in their homes.

Team - New Jersey: Team
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